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A Scottish Experiment

During the summmer, talkigy launched two chatbots, one for each side of the debate concering Scottish Independence prior to the referendum on the topic. So how did the chatbots do? And what about the result? Was rejecting this unique opportunity for independence the right thing to do?

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Yes or No for Scotland? Send talkigy your answers!

Before the referendum on Scottish independence, talkigy will build two automated dialogues: one trained to argue for, and one trained to argue against. We need your help to provide the Q&A that will drive the automated dialogues. The goal is to help people to engage in a broad debate while avoiding too much emphasis on single issues such as the currency or the popularity of Alex Salmond.

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Where did the idea for talkigy come from?

A few years ago, I installed a spam filter called Spambayes on a PC and was completely fascinated by its ability to learn and be effective. When it made a mistake, it was easy to 'teach' and very quickly, it achieved something close to perfection, almost magic. Experimenting with Python and Bayes led me to discover that there were many other techniques and set me on a path of experimentation. Twenty months later the result was www.talkigy.com.

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